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The birth country of ALPA Kids and the place where it all started. The Estonian ALPA application is now being used by more than 70% of parents who have a child aged 3-8. The application is also the preferred e-learning aid for teachers in more than 70% of the local kindergartens.



With the help of the Estonian people, we localised the ALPA app for Ukrainian children to use worldwide free of charge. The app was launched on June 22 with 45 minigames. It already has 100K+ users dispersed across 124 countries. We´re looking for partners to help keep ALPA for free and add new minigames to the app.



Our pilot mobile application for Indian local languages was in Hindi but now we have 6 more languages in the app (Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, and English). The content is co-created with local teachers and there are more than 700K+ users. We´re also adding new local languages and minigames to the application!



ALPA Swedish learning games were published in April 2023. The cooperation with local teachers has brought early success to the app.



ALPA Danish learning games were also published in April 2023 and even the fact the language is quite small, then it has had a warm welcome from the community.



Our Latvian language app is ready and waiting for young explorers to learn in their native language.



Lithuanian language ALPA games are now available!



Coming soon!